Here are the Frequently Asked Questions for CalendaeOutlook. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, drop us an e-mail at and we will do our best to help you!

What are the main steps for Outlook™ synchronisation ?

Step 1 : testing for Internet access on the computer.
Step 2 : reading of personal data for connecting to your Calendae account.
Step 3 : gathering data to prepare the transfer of the Calendae calendar.
Step 4 : transferring the calendar from Calendae to your computer.
Step 5 : checking the transfer.
Step 6 : synchronisation between the Outlook™ calendar and the transferred data (Part1: synchronisation data from Calendae, Part2: synchronisation data from Outlook™ which has not been processed in Part1).
Step 7 : transferring the synchronised data to Calendae.
Step 8 : checking the transfer.
Step 9 : updating the calendar on Calendae.

Outlook™ synchronisation does not request my details to connect to my Calendae account. How is it memorised?

When connecting to your Calendae account, a cookie is created on your computer. Our application can read this cookie. If it does not exist, or if it is invalid, a pop-up window will ask for your connection information in order to recreate or update the cookie.

Outlook™ synchronisation requests my connection details for each HotSync. Why does it not read the cookie?

For security reasons, the Calendae cookie contains a secret code generated by your IP address (a unique number which identifies you on the Internet). This code prevents anybody from being able to manually create a cookie with your account number in order to synchronise your calendar. If you are connecting via a Modem Internet provider (Wanadoo, AOL, Free, Tiscali, etc.), which gives you a new IP address every time you connect, your cookie will be invalid every time you try to connect.

If, between two synchronisations, I update an event on my Calendae account and also on my Outlook™, which modifications are taken into account when I next synchronise?

An event updated on your Calendae account has priority over data from your Outlook™.

How can I reduce the time take for synchronisation?

You cannot reduce the time taken for synchronisation of your contacts but you can reduce it for the calendar. On your calendar account, choose SETTINGS, then, at the bottom of the page, change the time taken for synchronisation in the 'Synchronisation with a PDA' section.

Will the events marked as personal on my Outlook™ be synchronised with my Calendae account?

Yes, personal events and personal contacts are synchronised. Moreover, for Shared accounts, personal events cannot be seen by other people consulting your calendar.

Can I synchronise 2 different Outlook™ applications on my own Calendae calendar?

Yes, versions 1.6 (and above) of every Calendae application manage the synchronisation of several products on the same Calendae account: for example, 2 Palms, or 1 Palm and 1 Pocket PC, or 1 Palm and Outlook.

During my latest Outlook™, synchronisation, all the events on my calendar appeared twice. What should I do?

Since versions 1.6 (and above) for the various Calendae synchronisation applications, it is possible to manage several Outlook™. If you change your computer, or if you have changed your user account, the link between your Outlook™ appointments and your Calendae account is broken. Each Outlook™ event and each Calendae event become independent, therefore, the next synchronisation will copy Outlook™ events to Calendae and Calendae events to your Outlook™. They will appear twice. To avoid this problem, contact us, or search for the Calendae.ini file on the main computer, and copy it to the same directory on your new computer.

I did something wrong during my latest Outlook™ synchronisation, my Outlook™ calendar and my Calendae calendar are empty. What should I do?

Be reassured, we keep regular backups of your data and we can restore your Calendae data if necessary. Please contact us.