Features of the Customer Appointment Option

Main features

Quickly create availability periods to allow your customer (or yourself) make reservations. Please read the details here.

Manage the available periods

Use the link 'Create an availability' to access the form for creating an available period. Select a beginning date/time and an ending date/time (or a duration), a unit duration of each appointment, and if necessary add repeating times (Every mondays, tuesdays ... for instance).

Available appointments within the available period appear on your calendar. You can update or remove the available period by clicking the icon displayed with the first available appointment.

Manage Reservations

There are 2 ways to make reservations, for you :

* Click on the link of an available appointment in your calendar : a new window appears to make a reservation (date and time are fixed). Don't forget to select a customer for this reservation.

* Click on the link 'Make a reservation' on the left side : you'll access the main form. There you can make a reservation where no available appointment has been previously created, or make a repeating reservation (every weeks for instance).

Use several types of available periods/reservations

In the form of creation, at the bottom of the calendar page, click on the icon + on the right of the list of your types of events. The page that helps you manage your types of events appears. Click on the left side on 'Types RVC'. You should be able to add, update or remove texts and colours of the types 'Available' or 'Reserved'. Different colours for different types of available periods allow you to have a more readable calendar. for you and for your customers.

Manage your Customers

Each reservation must be associated with a customer. Each new customer must be first created before any reservation can be made for him.

There is a link 'New Customer' in the form of making a reservation. Customers are created inside your address book, in a specific Category named 'Customers'. So you can view, add, update or remove customers from your address book of your Calendae account.

How can your customers use your calendar?

First you should add a link on your web site, or add a specific URL to your visiting card. So your customers will be able to connect to your calendar, and make a reservation. The first time they'll have to register with a name, first name and a password. Then they will view the available periods of your calendar. They may make a reservation, or update or remove a previous one.